Halia Meguid - a native New Yorker - has been playing, performing and generally making lots of noise since she was very small. She has been classically trained at many noted institutions in the US and UK, including the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in NYC.

Her vocal abilities were recently featured in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, wherein she lured pirates to their doom as the seductive 'Siren' (portrayed on-screen by Lily Cole).

A keen musician, Halia lugs her guitar to acoustic nights in cities all over the world. She most recently sang with the house band at New Orleans' legendary jazz pub, Fritzel's, on Bourbon Street.

Halia is also an avid writer, particularly of screenplays. Currently penning a supernatural noir TV pilot, she has written a short film about two stranded con men, and is working on a feature-length script for an original fantasy film. She has studied screenwriting privately with Irv Bauer and Lisa Chasin.

Halia lives in Manhattan. She is currently seeking representation.